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Besides our high performance algorithms we also offer ready to use products, which provide scalable solutions at moderate costs. The projects below have been developed at the highest programming level and make use of the most modern computer hardware features such as multicore support and SSE assembler instructions. Individual modifications and customizations are done with little effort.

Measurement and control

SUB - "SUBpixel accuracy" - Visual Linear Encoder

SUB This software quickly identifies image movements with subpixel accuracy (0.01 pixel). With a simple 1:1 macro optic and a regular webcam a resolution of better than 100nm can be reached. Combine SUB with a high performance digital camera (approx. 1 megapixel, 30-100fps) and you can achieve resolutions better than 10nm.

TNO - "To NOrth" - Astronomy

TNO The perfect Guidingsoftware for astronomers. TNO uses the most robust and fastest star tracking algorithms, which implements the most modern prediction and adjusting algorithms that will make even cost efficient mounts to precision instruments. Thanks to the sensitive algorithmics even fadest guiding stars can be used easily.

Video detection

VSC - "Video Similarity Check" - Video duplicate detector

VSC To find duplicate or near-duplicate videos in big databases can be an arduous task. VSC is able to detect such duplicates independent of format, codec or compression strength by comparing against a previously indexed database. Only real near-duplicate videos will be detected, which contain video copies or parts of the original. Just semantically similar videos are not identified as duplicates. The used algorithm is fast and reliable and cannot be "cheated" by small modifications of video sequences, like added logos or black borders.


  • Processing speed: ~20 GB/h per 3 GHz core (DVD format)
  • Resources: ~1GB RAM / 1TB Database videos (DVD format)
  • Multicore support
  • Sensitivity: ~96%
  • FP-rate: ~2ppm

(More information about near-duplicate video detection and VSC.)

Realtime data analysis

TSP - "Time Series Prediction"

TSP TSP was created for high performance time series prediction. Most modern algorithmic basic techniques like Support Vector Machines have been modified and optimized to the limit. TSP can be used for countless applications and guarantees you to be one step ahead.


FarWave - Antenna booster for DJI Mavic Mini CE - 2.4GHz

FarWave Just put this antenna on your DJI Mavic Mini CE remote control (left antenna only) and experience stutter free video transmission and a close to 3x range boost! No disassembling, no soldering, no wires! Just put it on or take it off within seconds!


  • 11dBi amplification in forward direction
  • completely passive - no wiring or "installation" needed
  • light weight - easy handling - put it on or remove it within seconds
  • 11dBi means +9dB amplification (8x higher signal power) compared to stock
  • nearly 3x range boost

(More information about FarWave antenna booster for DJI Mavic Mini CE.)

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